# Techies lost their jobs to AI

# Computer intelligence machines and robots seem like the workforce of the future. More and more jobs are replaced by technology. People will have less work to do.

More and more jobs are replaced by technology. People will have less work to do.

# Half of companies have embedded AI into their business model. One third of employees have anxiety over possibly.

One third of employees have anxiety over possibility of new innovation of AI .

How it is going to obsolete their jobs. Most business house looks AI as technology to house looks AI as technology for budget cut & staff reduction.

# AI will lift productivity but millions of people worldwide may have to switch occupation.

Millions of individuals could be displaced by automation and they have to look for new opportunities also they have to look for new job categories with new skills.

Displaced candidates for long could rise to unemployment and a dip in economy.

The expert’s advice its as challenging as shifts in agriculture & manufacturing.

#Because of AI’s impact on jobs more than 120 million works around the globe need up skilling in next 2 to 3 years.

# Certain jobs at risk after AI implementation.

Crucial Benefits of AI:

  • AI powered machine will give opportunity for more creative work.
  • It will eliminate work work related tedium.

AI & Job loss statistics:

AI could significantly impact in agriculture, engineering, science, production, transportation, legal & admin tasks.

Skill Development Required For AI:

The four basic AI concepts are categorization, classification, machine learning and collaborative filtering.

The seven C’S for impactful business are convenience, consistency, context, conversion, compatibility, cost effectiveness and conversion.

E ach of these C’S has its own importance helping business and to improve the quality of customer service.   

Five skills of AI need to develop


Database Modeling

Machine learning

Knowledge of intelligence user interfaces (IUI)

Problem solving.


Programming language widely used for AI is Python.

Coding a important part to enhance skill in AI


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