Effect of Demographic Change on Job in Odisha


# Effect of Demographic Change on Job in Odisha

Odisha being climate sensitive areas of south Asia found increasing no of candidates are adopting migration for job .Lack of infrastructure, low investment also one of the major reason for white collar job holder to get best job opportunities in Odisha. CitySite one of the leading placement consultancies having its own job site caters to all local candidates of odisha who all are high skilled, semi skilled and unskilled. CitySite understands the demography and arrange jobs as organization requires. In CitySite our HR team helps candidates to groom properly before appearing for the interview. CitySite has observed the migration from Adivasi dominant districts on southern Odisha to the southern states much. It started two decades back still potential candidates from hilly area struggling to get a good job. We Team CitySite give special attention to candidates from these areas and provide them job with NBFC and small scales industry with good salary. We at CitySite do focus on seasonal migrants after 6 months of wage they struggle to settle with families.

# HR support for Local placement CitySite has tie up with warehouse in Odisha and STATES NEAR TO ODISHA , Where interviews occurs whole year ,for warehouse assistant and for delivery persons with good package and benefits. We help seasonal migrants to place and give them good opportunity. Due to migration diminished labor support in agricultures another issue for horticulture survival. CitySite trying its best to place local candidates in agriculture related companies e.g: Pesticides, agri equipment etc.. Companies do prefer local candidates with good demography knowledge , also good expertise on agriculture. We at CitySite train candidates with product knowledge as instructed by companies before going to local farmers. Local languages are preferred in remote area , we do have an expert team to monitor. Financial security is one of the major problems in remote areas. Team CitySite helps NBFC to get proper coordinators to make SHG (self help groups) These carbonators motivate local potential candidates getting jobs in NBFC .

# Skilled Training Program arrangement CitySite having its good network with colleges and institutes arrange skilled training program at any one place for all new aspirants close by. CitySite never charges for training program for all. With the help of trained person having corporate experience CitySite guide candidates for interview.

# Bottom Line CitySIte in odisha is the best HR organization to give jobs and jobs traing to candidates from all different strata in Odisha. CitySite do conduct free job fair for all where blue-chip companies & startup all are invited to have the HR process for best talent.