“HR Practices & Its Affect in Business”


HR Practices:






Recruitment & Selection:

The process of attracting qualified candidates for a job role  & selection is a basic process where HR executives gets involve with public .

Each employee play an important role in the growth of business.

So it’s important to select the right person. Job placement consultants in Odisha lack expertise to execute proper HR strategy.

CitySite giving its best effort to implement best HR practice.

Performance management:

The process of communicating, clarifying job responsibilities, priorities among all employees in the hierarchy is an important tool to measure performance management

Business goals, milestone can only be achieved with high performance.HR team in CitySite takes update and feedback of employee from different organization placed to enhance HR practice skills

Learning & Development:

The job description varies from industry to industry, so the staff requirement of unskilled & semi skilled candidates need proper training.

Cityite in Odisha takes care of candidates through training by enhancing skills.


Compensation & Benefits:

Most business units have good benefits & bonus format for employees.

Implementation of best HR practice to give right benefits to right candidate increases moral values and involvement of employee with organization.


HR Data analytics:

The collection and application of talent data to improve critical talent and business outcomes.

HR analytics enable HR leaders to develop data driven insights to inform talent decisions.

It improves workforce process and promotes positive employee experience.

Affect In Business:

# Employee Conflict

# Lack of recognition

# Inadequate training

#Poor team building

Employee conflict:

When people’s ideas, decision relating directly opposite to the job position HR policy to resolve employee conflict plays a bigger role.

8 different ways to resolve conflicts are:

  • Create an open door policy
  • Determine the severity of the situation
  • Encourage employees to work upon the issues of their own
  • Take appropriate action when required
  • Listens to all parties involved
  • Document the incident
  • Get insight from employee handbook
  • Create a better environment

Lack of recognition:

Unrecognized employees can undermine the work of others.

They do not feel part of a team because there is no team spirit. The do not give their best.

Inadequate Training:

Inadequate training leads to accident in work place.

CitySite have a team of trainers to educate candidates about products and work scope.


Poor Team Building:


The reasons for poor team building are

  • Lack of Trust
  • Rewards that appeals to individuals
  • Bad management and unequipped leadership
  • Misunderstanding of team



Best HR policy and its practice improve the organization health and boost the team spirit .It makes the business profit oriented.

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