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Faculty math

FMCG Excellence
  • 12000 Rs - 15000 Rs
  • 19-03-2024 To 18-04-2024
  • Berhampur, Odisha, India

English Faculty

  • 7000 Rs - 10000 Rs
  • 10-02-2024 To 18-04-2024
  • Berhampur, Odisha, India

Educational Counselor

Wiseman Global
  • 15000 Rs - 20000 Rs
  • 04-01-2024 To 18-04-2024
  • Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India


Welcome to CitySite's Education and Teaching Jobs Portal! If you're passionate about shaping young minds and making a difference in the field of education, you've come to the right place. CitySite is committed to connecting talented educators with rewarding job opportunities in the education sector. Whether you're an experienced teacher looking for a new challenge or a recent graduate eager to kick-start your career in education, CitySite has a wide range of job openings waiting for you.

Our platform specializes in curating education job listings from schools, colleges, universities, and educational organizations across the region. With our user-friendly interface and advanced search features, finding the perfect teaching staff job has never been easier. Explore a diverse range of positions, including teaching roles in primary education, secondary education, special education, and higher education.

CitySite understands the importance of finding the right fit for both educators and educational institutions. That's why we strive to provide comprehensive job descriptions, detailed requirements, and valuable insights into each opportunity listed on our portal. Whether you're looking for a full-time teaching position, a part-time tutoring gig, or even remote teaching opportunities, CitySite has options to suit your preferences and qualifications.


Join our community of passionate educators today and take the next step towards fulfilling your career aspirations in education. With CitySite, you'll gain access to a network of reputable educational institutions and potential employers who are eager to welcome dedicated professionals like you into their teams. Don't miss out on exciting opportunities to make a meaningful impact in the lives of students and contribute to the future of education.

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What types of education sector jobs are available?

We offer a wide range of education sector jobs including teaching positions, administrative roles, counselling positions, curriculum development, research roles, and more.

What qualifications are required for education sector jobs?

Qualifications vary depending on the specific role but typically include a relevant degree (e.g., education, psychology, administration), teaching certifications (if applicable), and relevant experience in the education field.

Do you offer opportunities for career growth and advancement?

Yes, we are committed to fostering the professional growth of our employees. We offer career development programs, mentoring, and opportunities for promotion within the organisation.

Are there part-time or flexible job opportunities available in the education sector?

Yes, we may have part-time or flexible job opportunities available depending on the position and our current staffing needs. Please check our job listings for specific details.

What is the typical recruitment process for education sector jobs?

The recruitment process usually involves submitting an online application, followed by a review of applications, interviews (which may include multiple rounds), reference checks, and potentially a background check before an offer is made.

Where can I find more information about specific job openings and job descriptions?

For detailed information about current job openings, including job descriptions, requirements, and application instructions, please visit our careers page on our website or contact our HR department for assistance.