An increasing no of students from India’s small cities and towns are looking for better job opportunities.

More financing options, availability of aids and scholarship and rising influence of social media are the certain factors for rising demand of jobs in small town aspirants. Over a just few years there is a substantial rise in no of candidates seeking job in small town aspirants.

Over the just a few years there is a sustainable rise in no of candidates seeking job in small towns.

Advantages & disadvantages of small town job:-

Pros: Lower cost of living

           Less commute time.

           Enhanced quality of life

           More Open space

Cons: Limited access to goods & services.

            Less job opportunities

Best features of a small town:-

A slower pace of life

Family oriented events.

Walk ability.

Proximity to nature.

Types of Job in small town:-

Book sller, Teacher, Flourist, reporter, caterer, accountant, mechanic, maintenance worker, real estate agent, health professional.



How team CitySite arranges jobs in small town:-

CitySite HR team & sales team work in coordination to arrange job in small towns. As small town owners do not have much budget for hiring our sales team understand the business perspective.

CitySite HR team arranges the manpower required as per the job description.

As most of the jobs in small town are having less salary, we do support candidates on incentives.

It helps experienced candidates to switch and accommodate properly.

Cityite Training and development team helps mostly undergraduate candidates and females on computer education to get a proper job.

CitySite also facilitate different videos through social sites on Interview tips &preparation.